Offering something to take back home as a souvenir or surprise is a traditional must of all kids´ themed parties. This way, you can guarantee that the invites will treasure in their memories the great celebration they took part of. Therefore, in PartyWeb, we feel very proud to present our latest Party Favor Boxes range. Beautiful boxes made out of paper/carton, ideal to stuff in either the meal, candies, or any other favors related to the party´s theme, a great alternative to the typical plastic party favor loot bags.

It may seem hard sometimes to determine what to fill them up with. This week, in PartyWeb Ideas we will give you some options we´ve found for some of our new party favor boxes.



  1. DIY:  This Minnie Mouse hairclip is hand made with fabric threads, very easy to do; girls will love it.
  2. DIY: These cookie shaped bows are more elaborated, but the idea is amazing!
  3. DIY: Beautiful necklaces; you´ll only need few materials and nail polish.2
  4. These paw print stampers are beautiful, easy to find and at very good prices.
  5. Candies stuffed in the boxes must match with the party´s theme. Therefore, how about filling the boxes with candy colored bones?
  6. All dogs love to play with frisbees. You can find mini flying frisbees.


  1. DIY: We´ve found this Princess pantone guide; you´ll not only learn how to do these lovely necklaces but the pattern for Anna and Elsa´s.
  2. DIY: Recycled crayons, besides being original, it is a very fun activity to do with the girls. Take a look at this fantastic tutorial.
  3. DIY: These chocolate pretzels seem to come directly from Arandelle. They are very easy to do and will look fantastic within the favor boxes.



  1. DIY: Wow; these superhero cuffs are so original and easy to do! Here you will find the tutorial to learn how to do them.  
  2. DIY: Candies could match the Spiderman theme. You can always reconsider to recycle Halloween ideas to create your own spider-candies.  
  3. This is a wonderful idea; find some silly string cans and print any Spiderman image, and create your own homemade webs.





  1. This idea is to give out a kids DIY. Stuff in all the materials to create a spell transforming a regular Apple into a delicious explosion of caramels and candies.
  2. Mirror, mirror… This gift if perfect for the girls; you can decorate some hand mirrors with a black bow.
  3. You can create a custom made gift like these mini key chain; they can go with the name of every invite, which will add a unique touch to each invite´s party souvenir.


Likewise, there´s plenty of other things that you can include in our party favor boxes and which will also work out as a great gift like regular candies, soap bubbles, crayons, or even confetti.

Remember you can find these party favor boxes in our american site:; they´re lovely and will enhance the party´s decoration!!!





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