Are you thinking about a different party theme for an adult with a young boy’s soul? Today I’ll write about an all age’s classic; but especially for the nostalgic ones…

DOREAMONPOST-PARTYWEBOne of my best friends is a Doraemon super fan. Yes, that Japanese cat which saves the main character from doing his homework and who travels with in time. Exactly; that’s the friend we all wanted to have when we were young! My girlfriend has no kids, therefore, she has no reason for preparing a child themed party. Nevertheless, I thought about her, and wanted to show her the new Doraemon party supplies that have arrived in PartyWeb, and start filling my wall with ideas for her next birthday party.

DORAEMON (1)A Doraemon party is super inspiring for any age birthdays, as Doraemon has been aired in tv for more than 30 years. In fact, Doraemon is so famous, that the rumors say it will be the mascot for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.


  1. Name.

DORAEMON. The name comes from a typical sugar pastry called “dorayakis”. They happen to be Doraemon’s favorite candies, as well as Doraemon’s creators, obviously.

(Youtube: Namico Chen)

We can do these candies as part of our menu; you can also try a more western recipe that brings Nutella or caramel inside instead.

2. Colors.

BLUE, YELLOW, WHITE AND RED. Doraemon used to be yellow but, after crying for three consecutive days, lost its ears by a couple of mice, became the rounded, pretty and surrealistic robot cat who fears mice. This could guide us for the decoration; the colors should then be blue, white, red and yellow, as Doraemon wears a yellow collar.

Untitled design

3. History.

Doraemon comes from the future. It was sent from 2112 by Nobita’s grandson to change his future and help his grandfather, since he was such an unfortunate and clumsy man. But Doraemon has its own disadvantages as well; it´s a cheap robot, defective and clumsy. Doraemon once tried to take a revitalizing potion, with so bad luck that, he confused the jars and what he ended drinking was a “depressive potion”.

Sounds weird, but we know that the Japanese manga/anime are not that kids friendly. Anyways, using this idea, we can come up with the following: how about serving beverages in cups that say “Revitalizing Depressive Drink”??? If the party is for kids, you could think of offering a blueberries juice, and obviously, omitthe label suggestion.

Doraemon has a magical door, the, which is pink and could inspire us as the perfect and original photo call spot. You can also use it to decorate any door at the party.

Dokodemo Door!

4. Country.

Japan. Using japanese decoration will also add a perfect touch to the Doraemon theme. Especially for the meals, where you could think of including sushi in the menu, as it is served cold. For the young ones or for those who are not into Japanese food, you can also create a fake and funny sushi menu and complete it with Dorayakis or cupcakes decorated with Doraemon characters.

doraemon cupcakes
Photo from Pinterest

Now that we are speaking about the table, remember that the wholeidea is to feel as a child again, and this is what we have that will surely help:


We also have Doraemon piñatas; I know my friend will love it, ideal for both kids and adults. You can fill it either with candies or toy dinosaurs, which represent one of the ages most visited by Doraemon and Nobita.

We have now lots of ideas in the inspiration wall. Now you only need towait until the day of the party arrives and let all these ideas come true. This is a good way to adapt a kid´s party for adults. Because who said that having fun and paper plates where only for kids???

If you want more ideas, visit our Doraemon Board in Pinterest and The Pappas and the Mammas one for adults!

See you soon!!!



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