A champion birthday!!

If your child loves to play soccer, or if he is a fan of any team or player, there are many ideas to make an unforgettable birthday! Here we present some original ideas!

1. Choose colors!!!  Use his favorite team colors, or black and white, or green, or any color combination representing this great sport! You can do a combination of the two colors of his team and an alternate color to complement.


2. As an extra gift for your kid, and depending on the age of the guests, you can ask them to sign a soccer ballon for the birthday  (professional style 😉 )


3. Outdoor Activities : If you are one of those moms who likes drawing or making prints, here is the “Kick & Score”, a skill game that all soccer and sports fans will love. Players have to kick the ball and get it through the frame’s hole as in picture 3. This time is not a rented game, we can transform it into a DIY.


4. Another great idea is to make up your guests with soccer elements. In this case a cute soccer balloon and black and white lips work great in photos !


5. If it is also a fan of any league, the party can be made in his or her team colors. In PartyWeb, we have supplies of major European leagues such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and just recently from Chelsea FC!


6. And of course, you cannot forget the cake! In our Pinterest board “Soccer Party” you’ll find many ideas to inspire and tutorials of some original soccer cakes!

cake copiaWith a party like this, sports are a fun theme for everyone!


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