The first birthday of a child is a very memorable date for his parents . It is the celebration of a welcome year, plenty of changes, of adaptation to his movements. It is not only the babe’s birthday. It is the parents too.

How to celebrate the first birthday? Let’s assume this is more a parent’s than child’s celebration. In this way we can relax and make a little bit more what we, as parents,  want. There will be a time when your child will decide or clearly show what he wants.


A practical idea is to combine childish decoration with food and drinks for the adults since they would probably be the majority of them and the ones that will remember the party (thanks god there are pictures and videos, don’t forget!).

To decide one or several themes for the party we can use the things our babe liked during this first year.

One example: use the babe’s favourite song as the party theme. Yes, the one that we have heard once and over again for the last months.

Today we bring you Itsy Bitsy Spider! A song that usually likes to one year babes.

You can make an Itsy Bitsy Spider in paper mache and use wool to make a net.  The violet colour works great with the spider theme.


These Itsy Bitsy cookies that you could find in Betty Crocker are a great idea too!

Spider Cookies
Spooky Spider Cookies.

Or, in another version, a very sweet and easy to do spiders. You would find the step by step in itsalwaysautumn.com


What about this great cake with all the song’s characters?


What about the adults? You can prepare really tasty food accordingly, like these crostinis with olives.


Or pizzas!

Pizza Bites by All You

If you want to remember the song you can find it in YouTube. 

We will continue with the first birthday  parties and how to make them memorable… for parents, of course. 😉


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