What would you do if your child birthday happens to be in Christmas?

Many parents are sometimes troubled, facing their sons birthday party to happen really close to other special dates, like Christmas or New Years Eve.

Cake from Rosa Bake.

For some of these parents this means double work, specially since we want to make these two parties different, both with guests and gifts. Although there is the option of postpone the birthday party until these special dates end, there’s no need to do so. Now you have plenty of options to make the birthday in tone with the holiday’s spirit. partyweb.christmas.pinterest Firstly, we should keep in mind to make the invitations in advance, asking the guests for confirmation so we will know how many family and friends will assist. This will tell us how big the event will be. It is normal that, the closest to a special date like Christmas, the more family will join you, and the less class mates, for example. Put a time restriction to the birthday party, something between two or three hours, where the birthday is the party center. It can be a cinema invitation, then a snack time, or some pizza place near home.  This time will be birthday exclusive time where your kid will be the center. After that, it’s time for the other celebration! But if what you want to do is to take advantage of the christmas theme and make it part of your child birthday, we have some other ideas to enjoy and decorate accordingly to these dates. 1. Olaf birthday party! olaf.partyweb   This little friend, so adored by all kids around the world can be the perfect protagonist for a Christmas day birthday. And we can add lots of ideas to this! 2. A red carpet party! polarexpressparty.partyweb.birthaychristmas Recycling all the red Christmas decoration you can create a perfect ambient for your rockstar child! 3. White Birthday


It can be the snow man or the snow princess, in any case you can decorate everything with just silver and white colors to have the bright party that makes every child happy.

4. A star birthday starparty.christmasbirthday.partyweb The stars and the lights are normally the Christmas protagonists. We can reuse them and make a theme out it. Also add their favorite characters to make a unique birthday party! From PartyWeb.us we wish a happy birthday to all of you that celebrate during these special days and also a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you! partyweb.merrychristmas2014


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