PEPPA PIG: our star theme party!!

Hello everybody! As you can see, we have a new blog design (and our online store has it too!) so in order to celebrate it, we wanted to invite the star of the year and also one of our favorite party themes: Peppa Pig and her family! Our cutest pig was pleased to participate, she said a loud yes with her loud laughs and let us know some tips to make her parties even more Peppa Pig!

Peppa's Family PartyWeb To make a Peppa Pig themed party you need to take into account several things, as she says: 1-Always laugh loudly! 2- jump over muddy puddles!!PEPPA PIG PARTYWEB 3- Include all her family and the things they like, for example, did you know George loves dinosaurs? or that Mommi Pig  is facinated with maps and muddy puddles! peppa pig plates partyweb4- For the boys you can include teddy bears and for the girls magic wands, Peppa’s favorite things! Or to prepare a cooking party and bake plenty of colorfu cookies! 5- Another Peppa tip is to use a disguise and take pictures, that’s why she didn’t want to leave without showing us her selfie! It’s cool isn’t it? peppa_selfie_partyweb Remember you can find everything for a Peppa Pig party at our online store. And if you want tricks and inspiration don’t forget to visit our Pinterest board! Pinterest Party Web Peppa Pig


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